The legendary taskmaster returns...with a vengeance!

In 2016, one lone Android developer set out to make a game that no one had ever seen on the Play Store - a game that would take the worldwide, legendary children's activity "Simon Says" and adapt it into a fun smartphone and tablet arcade game, complete with endless runner mechanics. Now, after years of updates and improvements, and just in time for its fifth anniversary, prepare yourselves for a revamped and reloaded sequel that puts a fresh new spin on what the original already accomplished.

Key Features

The classic children's activity will never be the same!

In this thrilling sequel to Simon Says Mobile, you can:

  • Experience the original game reloaded with fresh, brand-new mechanics!

  • Test your speed and aggression in the all-new single-player timed Frenzy mode!

  • Charge up energy to unleash your power-ups, or find randomly spawning pickups to use them immediately!

  • Level up and purchase upgrades to gain permanent advantages!

  • Collect and draw Last Chance Cards for special end-of-game bonuses, including next-game buffs and even a second chance to keep your game going!

  • Collect 10 backgrounds with special abilities that can be temporarily boosted!

  • Compete with friends in the same 4 multiplayer modes, but with power-ups!

  • Unlock 100 Achievements, post your high scores for bragging rights on the Leaderboards and preserve your save data with Saved Games, all from Google Play Games!

Watch the launch trailer here!

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